Ultra High Power Resistors

EBG produces a wide range of different high-power resistors. For small designs, EBG offers resistors with power levels ranging from 350 W to 800 W that can be mounted directly onto heat sinks. They feature outstanding dielectric properties and partial discharge. Alternatively, EBG produces directly cooled high-power resistors from 500 W to 2,000 W and resistors with cable connections for flexible assembly, eliminating problems related to clearance and creepage distances.

Series UXP-600 TO-220

600 W resistor. Easy mounting on heat sink.


  • 600W operating power

  • Tolerance range ±10 % to ±1 %

  • Ohmic range 0.1 Ω to 1.5 MΩ (higher value on request)

  • Temperature coefficient ±150 ppm/°C to ±500 ppm/°C (lower TCR on request)

  • Non-Inductive design

  • ROHS conform

  • High insulation & Partial discharge performance


     Typical applications

  • Speed drives

  • Power supplies

  • Control devices

  • Robotics

  • Motor control



Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH (EBG) is one of the leading international manufacturers of resistors for high-performance electronics. These technologically demanding components contribute to the safe and efficient conversion and transmission of energy. Among other things, EBG’s resistors are used in electric power trains of high-speed trains, frequency converters in wind turbines, aerospace applications or HVDC power transmission systems. The company has been part of the Miba Group since 2010.

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